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About Us

Who We Are?


goITics is found by Mr. Sagar Shah. We have a core philosophy of accepting the challenges and responsibility to drive high-end solutions for our customers. We place immense importance on customer satisfaction and professional customer interaction.

What do we do?


goITics is an Android Application Development, Database Designing, Internet Marketing, Software Development, Website Development company providing end-to-end services in the IT sector.Our digital services helps you to ease your work. In a span of few years, every business will need to represent themselves digitally, in addition to their presence in the on-growing market, by creating an online identity in front of this competitive world. We also develop automated the processes leading in less manual hard work.

Why goITics?


goITics have highly motivated developers that are ever ready to face the new challenges and bring your identity in front of the world, support you to face the online competition with the help of our services. We have Oracle Certified Developers.

Our Mission:

goITics' Mission


Our tagline 'A New Dimension for Successful Business' is our core mission and success mantra, which means that we are here to give a new look/dimension to your business. We wish to expand your business with the help of our services. And hence our target is to make your business internationally known. Our success is hidden in your success.

"I am very satisfied with the service provided by goITics. The reactivity , flexibility and understanding of the team towards our requirement.
Patience as I imagine client change their mind often and don't always know what they actually want. So congrats to cope with us."